Sunday, November 20, 2011


From The 'That Sucks!' File  

Well, well. It seems that 'Good  Ole Napster' has fallen on hard times. It's caused them to make what looks to me like a fatal mistake that will lose them a significant part of their customer base. What IS this monstrous mistake you ask? No less than being bought out by the mercenary gang at Rhapsody. The specifics are this- instead of allowing you to re-download any tracks or albums you may have bought in the past, they now insist you send them an email, whereupon THEY will decide if whatever  happened to your purchase(s) is really all that tough or not, BEFORE they allow you to re-download... IF they do...

And so we wave goodbye to the once proudly independent crowd at Napster... Goodbye and good riddance...

So, what has happened to the downloaded music market??? Is iTunes now so big a force that no-one can stand against it? I hope that's not the case, since their policy is to tell you to take a flying leap off a short pier when you want to download again. "Pay for Play" is their motto. And yet, Napster is, effectively, gone as is Wal-Mart. And if Wal-Mart can't stand the heat, you'd better believe things are hot indeed!

I'm going to do further digging. If I can find out what is causing the rat exodus on the Good Ship MP3, I'll post it here.

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