Thursday, April 07, 2005


NewsNet5.com - Health - Another Arthritis Drug Yanked From Market  

NewsNet5.com - Health - Another Arthritis Drug Yanked From Market

As Don McClean once wrote, it was "bad news on the doorstep". Bextra is off the market. Not an issue to those of us in the U.S., since it isn't generally available here, but now it's one small step to kill Celebrex, too. And then there were none...

Now you might be wondering where you're going to turn for some help. I know I was, when Vioxx was pulled off the market. I spent some terrible months trying to make do with Naproxen Sodium. It's okay... but only okay. Then my wife and I were wandering through Sam's Club and came across a sampler handing out a week's supply of something I hadn't seen before. Well, we figured that anything FREE couldn't be all bad. We did kind of choke on the claim that, unlike Glucosamine, it would start helping noticeably in one week, instead of three months. But, again, it was free, so we both grabbed a sample from the lady and thought no more about it.

We both took the pills (four a day for the first 30 days, at least) for the week and then compared notes. We had both noticed a definite lessening in pain when we moved around. It's especially important for my wife, who works 12 hour days as a nurse. So, we went back and bought a couple of 100-pill bottles. After about 5 weeks, we're both feeling better than we were and we have to give the credit to these pills. The name is LubriFlex3. We don't get anything from letting you know this, it's simply that we want to help those people who might be considering even stronger prescription pain killers, now that Bextra is gone too. Not to mention, I guess, those who would love to dump Celebrex, now that they know how dangerous it can be.
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