Sunday, October 17, 2004


What's Up? Doc?  

Well, things are certainly getting busy. The fact that I'm posting here today should not be taken as a major happening. I just have a few spare minutes. I'd enter all the things I'm doing these days, but it would take too long :).

In any case, I now write for Lockergnome and Tech Support Alert. I put out a lot of different things in any one day, but you'll have to scurry around to find them all. Most show up in the Lockergnome newsletters or Forums, so that's a good place to start. I handle quite a lot of the Tech News Watch Channel.

I'm going to spread some of my reviews Chris's way, too. I do lots of reviewing, I might as well get credit for it for a change.

Computers- software and hardware- are getting interesting in a way that they haven't been in a long time. Things are changing faster than many people can keep up with. Here are a couple of major items that I think you all need to watch:


Google is now releasing major and minor miracles at a rate that would make old Thom Edison jealous. I expect- a Google browser, followed by an entire Google web portal to rival MSN and Yahoo, not to mention AOL; more itegration in their products; and, even more good things. It's now the Golden Age of Google. Everyone else please stay out of the way.


Having knocked the Innovation Crown off Intel's head, AMD has become the company to watch. If it happens, AMD will probably do it first. Intel has lost that edge that it needs so badly too compete. They've never been exactly bleeding-edge, but that was when they had little or no competition. AMD has made a success out of the Athlon name and Intel had just better take notice, before it's too late. Way to go!!!

To this end, two of my new systems will be built using an AMD CPU. I've been using AMD for years and I have never found a reason to regret that. I see socket 939 as the interface of the future. 64-bit, here I come!

I'll add more to this as things happen.

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