Sunday, October 24, 2004


The Qnext Big Thing  

I have to ammend the previous post- things are getting busier, but I intend to start paying more attention to this blog and discontinue the others (more or less).

Why? Well, I just have too much that I want to write down and not enough places to do it. I do a lot of writing these days for Chris Pirillo's Lockergnome, of course, and I still get in an occasional piece for Tech Support Alert (www.techsupportalert.com), but I do have to watch my P's and Q's when I write for others. Here, I can let it all hang out.

So, if you want the un-prettied-up truth about what I experience in the soft white underbelly of the computing industry, then stay tuned! Oh, not that it's all ugly! I do run across an occasional gem that people deserve to know about. There's so much crap out there that the good ones may get lost in the process.

One such gem appears to be a new IM service called Qnext. I've done a review of them on Lockergnome. Go read it! Better yet, go visit their website and get connected! The whole thing is not only great, but FREE. ANd it's due to remain free. There are so many special features that can't be found in any other IM that you really have to head for their home page and read it all for yourself. I'm very sure that the next time I take a trip, I'm going to be using their version of GotoMyPC, which is called QnextMyPC. Being able to access my system remotely can't be anything but good. One thing you'll all appreciate, I'm sure, is that the people behind it have spent some time thinking about and implementing security features. There's lots of native protection built into Qnext.

Secure Communications and Sharing Suite with Qnext

Qnext (http://www.qnext.com/) allows you to create private, shared environments on your PC called Zones where invite other users to securely share your content and online services. A Zone can contain exciting services such as File Sharing, Group Text Chat, Photo Sharing and Live Online Games (Qnext Go, Qnext Chess, Qnext Checker, Qnext Poker, Qnext Backgammon). You can create photo and file sharing zones on your computer that are accessible only by other friends on a permission-basis. It's like you are able to build your own secure private network, while still connected into public IM clients. You can not only talk to your personal contacts by placing a video or voice call, you can securely transfer a file of any size and set-up shared folders and photo sharing sections that are accessible only on a permission-basis. Using Qnext Zones allows you free easy content and service sharing.
Qnext Video Conferencing- new release

Qnext VOIP is an attractive feature that allows users to interact via video transmissions simultaneously. Peer to peer connection, supporting high video quality. Including multi users communication from one to four consumers. It’s easy to start a video chat: select buddy from your contact list and click video conference from pop up menu communication.

Qnext is free software to broadcast video to Windows, Linux and Mac users. This technology allows people at two or more locations to see and hear each other at the same time. Secure stream your video over the Internet and amuse with your friends, family and colleagues.

Free Download Qnext
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