Sunday, October 17, 2004


Chris Pirillo  

Chris Pirillo

Yeah, this should be no news at all to people who have even the slightest pretension to being geeks. Chris Pirillo, being the Gnomiest of the entire Lockergnome clan, has an interesting blog.

In any case, Chris scooped me on the acquisition of Jasc (think Paint Shop Pro) by Corel. Corel, as you may know, has been making noises like it's trying to rise from the dead. I'm not sure why they didn't announce this on Halloween. It would have been ever so apt. Not that I have anything about Corel. They used to be king of the hill back in the days when a computer drawing program (something more than Paint, but less than CAD) was a killer app. They nearly faded away entirely, going through bankruptcy at least once, but then they came back to buy WordPerfect, faded again, came back to buy a Linux distro (which they resold) and MicroGrafx, faded again, and now have reinvented their existence by buying Jasc and attempting yet another rebirth using that and WordPerfect Office.

If they make it this time, someone should write them into the Bible- they've got Lazarus beat all to hell.

I think, what is it good idea.
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