Sunday, June 13, 2004


In Defense of Being Real  

Have you ever wondered if those software companies are in touch with reality?

Of course, we all have. I've got some bad news for you- the answer is a resounding 'NO!'. I've recently spent some months testing and reviewing the current crop of security software. It was a sobering experience and much more of an education than I had any idea was coming my way.

The truth is that those software companies who hold the very security of our computers in their hands are so far off in the Twilight Zone that any tinge of reality is purely accidental. Imagine this concept: If we want to test any of their software, we're required to provide a computer with a virgin copy of Windows and nothing else running. Period. Add to that, that there should be nothing else installed. At all.

Now, if any of you out there are running systems like that, I'd be interested to hear about it. Let's exclude those of you who just had to reinstall Windows twenty minutes ago. Out of over 45 million PC users (at a conservative estimate), I think the number wouldn't cause me to take my socks off to count on my digits.

Not only that, folks, but these companies absolutely refuse to be reviewed if they can't have that virgin system to run on. Makes you feel all safe and warm, doesn't it? Well, doesn't it???

Oh, by the way, every one of these companies seems scared spitless of being on the same system with anything bearing the Norton name. The mere mention makes these people quake in their boots. If there was EVER a Norton product in the same room with the test system, then they want no part of it.

So, think about this report, all you broadband users. Your system may have security software on it, but the companies that put out that software may not be willing to stand behind it in any meaningful way if there was ever a Norton product installed, even if it's been removed. Add to that the fact that these companies think that the way to test their software is to put it on a virgin system and you have a recipe for a LOT of sleepless nights spent wondering if your software will crap out when you really need it, because it's never been tested on a real-world system.

As soon as I've finished the rest of the REAL WORLD testing, the reults will be posted.

And have a good nght :)

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