Saturday, February 28, 2004


And now...  

Well, if there was actually anyone reading this blog, now is the time to widen your horizons. There's a bit of news and we'll get to the meat of the matter- This blog is going to sleep for a while.

What? Why?

Well it's going to be a difficult situation. I've started freelancing for the Lockergnome series of newsletters and the best stuff is going there. I have a career to reinvent, so my writing is going to have to go where I think it will have the best audience. So, outside of some things which don't fit well, my writing will be available there. Those newsletters have always been a source of great info and tips for me, over the years, so it's with great pride that I see my own name included now and then. Not that everything I write gets printed nor does it mean I'm a paid staff member, but it IS a step up from a lonely blog in the wilderness.

The Lockergnome newsletters (on many subjects) are free to subscribe to and have a full set of forums to go along with them. Sign up at www.lockergnome.com. What are you waiting for?

Be seeing you!

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