Tuesday, January 13, 2004


ZDNet UK - News - Symantec slams the door on Live Update flaw  

ZDNet UK - News - Symantec slams the door on Live Update flaw: "Symantec slams the door on Live Update flaw

Munir Kotadia
January 13, 2004, 16:55 GMT

Security company Symantec has had to update its Live Update feature to fix a flaw that could open a security hole in the software

Security company Symantec, developer of the popular Norton AntiVirus software, fixed a problem in its Live Update feature last week - a vulnerability that could allow malicious users to gain unauthorised administrator access rights to an affected PC.
Live Update is a feature Symantec's customers use in order to keep their virus signatures and security applications up to date. It can be set to automatically connect to the Internet and check Symantec's servers for a newer version. If one is found, the software can either prompt the user or automatically download and install the update, which is the recommended setting."

It's nice to know that their eyes aren't ONLY on the net!

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