Saturday, January 03, 2004


Co-founder of WebTV Phillip Goldman dies - January 1, 2004  

Co-founder of WebTV Phillip Goldman dies - January 1, 2004: "Co-founder of WebTV Phillip Goldman dies
(NEW YORK) Phillip Y Goldman, a Silicon Valley engineer and entrepreneur who co-founded the Internet service WebTV and more recently a company that provides a service to block junk e-mail, died at his home in Los Altos Hills, California, on Dec 26. He was 39. The cause of death has not been determined, the Santa Clara County medical examiner-coroner's office said.
WebTV was Mr Goldman's best-known venture. Its products allowed people to surf the Net from their TV sets without owning a PC. He and the other founders, Steve Perlman and Bruce Leak, sold that company to Microsoft in 1997 for US$503 million. His latest company, Mailblocks Inc, helps customers deal with the rising flood of spam."

I'm sure that someone in Hollywood is ready to weave this into an episode of Alias, but it sure is strange. 39 year old guys don't just drop dead.

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