Friday, December 05, 2003


Microsoft to charge for FAT file system, ClearType - smh.com.au  

Microsoft to charge for FAT file system, ClearType - smh.com.au: "Microsoft to charge for FAT file system, ClearType
By Online Staff
December 5, 2003
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Microsoft has announced that it will be charging a fee from those who use the FAT file system and offered to sell licences to those who wish to buy one.
The company also said it would be charging for use of subpixel rendering technology, branded ClearType, which improves readability of text on LCD screens. "

This is about as boneheaded a move as I can imagine. Well, maybe not the tops, but way up there on the list. To want to start charging for the use of the FAT system wll certainly help drive people to Linux, if nothing else. Not to mention what it does for the chances of winning anything like another anti-Trust suit. Another one? Yes! There's no such thing as double indemnity (the protection from being brought to trial twice for the same offense) for corporate entities. Even if there were, I suspect that Microsoft would cause an exception to be written into law. It's the worst possible thing they could do at the worst possible time.

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