Tuesday, December 09, 2003


Java Goes to Wal-Mart  

Java Goes to Wal-Mart: "Java Goes to Wal-Mart
By Peter Galli
December 8, 2003

Sun is challenging Microsoft on a new front: the consumer market. Believing its Java Desktop System is 'a more effective home and retail solution,' the company is negotiating with major retailers Wal-Mart and Office Depot to include the desktop on consumer PCs and laptops.

About all one can say is "Wgo woulda thought?"...

Sun Microsystems Inc. is embarking on a strategy that challenges Microsoft Corp. on a brand-new front: the consumer market.
The Santa Clara, Calif., company is negotiating with major retailers Wal-Mart Stores Inc. and Office Depot Inc. to include Sun's Java Desktop System on planned offerings of low-priced consumer PCs and laptops."
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