Wednesday, November 12, 2003


Technology Review: Nanotubes Fortify Plastic Film  

Technology Review: Nanotubes Fortify Plastic Film: "Nanotubes Fortify Plastic Film
Technology Research News November 7, 2003
Encasing carbon nanotubes in plastic has a lot of appeal. Nanotubes, rolled-up sheets of carbon atoms that are 1,000 times narrower than E. coli bacteria, are stronger than steel and have useful electrical properties. A polymer setting keeps microscopic nanotubes in place and makes for a material that is easy to handle.
Researchers from Trinity College in Ireland and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute have developed an inexpensive process for making a nanotube-polymer composite that allows for close control of the density and position of the nanotubes.
The material can be used to reinforce plastic materials and could form the basis for many types of flexible electronic and mechanical devices, including sensors, field emitters and actuators, according to the researchers."

Yay! Now we can have (let me see)... bullet-proof clothes that are Wi-Fi-enabled...err, maybe a wearable bullet-proof computer?

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