Tuesday, November 18, 2003


Sun touts Opteron server, Linux desktop | CNET News.com  

Sun touts Opteron server, Linux desktop | CNET News.com: "Sun touts Opteron server, Linux desktop
Last modified: November 17, 2003, 12:52 PM PST
By Stephen Shankland
Staff Writer, CNET News.com

LAS VEGAS--Sun Microsystems introduced Advanced Micro Devices' Opteron into its server family and announced a deal in China that's expected to boost its Linux desktop software.
As expected, Sun Chief Executive Scott McNealy on Monday showed off two servers that use the processor during a keynote speech at the Comdex trade show here, becoming the second major company to adopt the chip. IBM already has announced Opteron servers, but its model at present is intended only for the narrower high-performance technical computing markets. "

Well! This is quite a milestone for AMD. The first high-profile use of an AMD chip in a server. That tells me that AMD is doing something right. I know that Wall Street has been looking for the dark lining in all those silver clouds, but I've suspected for some time that they've missed the boat on AMD. I've personally run AMD for, hmm..., at least 8 years and have NEVER had any kind of problem with the CPU. Motherboards, as we all know, are a different matter. I'm pleased to see that someone feels that AMD CPU's are to be taken seriously.

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