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News: AOL closes a Windows service  

News: AOL closes a Windows service: "AOL closes a Windows service

By Robert Lemos
CNET News.com
October 24, 2003, 2:43 PM PT

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America Online's gated Internet community may just have gotten a bit more secure.
On Friday, the company said it had turned off Microsoft's flawed Windows Messenger service--a data exchange mechanism for networked computers that shouldn't be confused with the software giant's instant-messaging application--for nearly 15 million of its users over the last two weeks. "

The excitement here is not about turning off the (generally useless) Network Messenger service. No, the issue here is that AOL made the registry changes to their customers' systems without so much as a 'may I?". That's right in line with the mentality at AOL, but it sure makes me glad that I'm NOT a customer of theirs! I suppose there's some weasel-worded legal voodoo in the EULA or Terms of Service that allows them to do it, but if for some reason it isn't crystal clear, I'd be standing in line to sue their butts off.

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