Sunday, November 02, 2003


Microsoft gives developers an early look at next Windows  

Microsoft gives developers an early look at next Windows: "Tuesday, October 28, 2003
Microsoft gives developers an early look at next Windows

LOS ANGELES -- Microsoft Corp. lifted the curtain on the next generation of Windows yesterday, unveiling an updated look and new features to take advantage of advances in computer hardware."

Well, if there are scattered natives in the Amazon rain forest who haven't heard about Longhorn, that is certainly not the fault of Microsoft or the thousands of journalists who have spouted acres of prose over the 'Big Reveal' this last Monday. Rumors are that the leak will go worldwide in November, as Microsoft may well offer copies of the now-famous Build 4051 to the general public for a small fee (usually media+S&H). It's said to be a rock-solid build, but there are a couple of things to keep in mind-

1- The much-anticipated Aero 3D graphical interface is NOT part of the package.

2- How many systems will be able to meet the minimum hardware requirements to run it is still an open question, since I haven't seen ANY hard and fast list published. Perhaps that will happen when the alpha build goes public.

All of this, of course, is meant to keep public interest alive since it was admitted that the RTM version won't go gold for another 3 years. If even half of the marvelous things we've been told are ttrue, it will be worth the wait. The main item that people want is a secure, stable OS that allows them to keep strangers out and spam to a minimum. Of course a lot of that is under the care of actual apps running on the OS, but the OS can make things a lot easier by presenting real secure access to the desktop and the ability to keep prying eyes out of private info. Computer savvy people will read that as- really secure system logon, a better array of admin and user accounts, and the ability to limit file access without having to author tons of group policies in an arcane interface.

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