Wednesday, November 12, 2003


Gateway Aims High AND Low  

Gateway aims at homes for the holidays | CNET News.com

Gateway aims at homes for the holidays | CNET News.com

Gateway on Tuesday kicked off the holiday season a little early, throwing open the doors on its renovated retail stores and launching an array of new PCs, music players and digital cameras.

As previously reported, the Poway, Calif., PC maker has refurbished all 190 of its retail outlets to try to establish itself as a brand name in the consumer electronics market and return to profitability.

And, the Rest of the Story...

Here’s a promise you haven’t heard.
It’s called the Gateway ProNet(SM) program. A new commitment to you, the business solution provider. It’s a promise from a team of channel program professionals to deliver both the front and back office technology your clients demand. Take the Gateway® 995 Quad-Processor Server. It’s powered by the latest Intel® Xeon™ processor and it’s just one of a full range of innovative solutions you can count on.

>From AV to PCs to mobility needs to enterprise-level network servers,
the ProNet program is here to make it happen.
That’s a promise.

So they're now selling all the way from entry-level systems to enterprise 4MP servers. Looks like they're taking a page from Dell's book and going the extra mile, with consumer electronics and brick-and-mortar stores.

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