Friday, October 17, 2003


ZDNet UK - News - Confusion reigns over Windows XP SP2  

ZDNet UK - News - Confusion reigns over Windows XP SP2: "Confusion reigns over Windows XP SP2

Munir Kotadia
October 17, 2003, 13:05 BST

After announcing that customers will see the next service pack for Windows XP this year, Microsoft now says it will be a beta only, and that final code is still some way off

Just three days after a Microsoft vice president -- who is in charge of Microsoft.com and Windows Update -- told thousands of delegates at a conference in Florida that Service Pack 2 for Windows XP would be available by the end of 2003, the company has effectively retracted the comments and said that customers will see only a beta version of SP2 this year."

Maybe, just maybe, they should have kept their mouths shut until they had a shadow of an idea of when the final service pack will ship. You think? Well, maybe not. After all, we might have run out of things to write about if we didn't have a Microsoft-a-Day fix.

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