Monday, October 13, 2003


Welcome to the Mercury News on Bayarea.com  

Welcome to the Mercury News on Bayarea.com: "VeryStressed VeriSign
Site Finder issue is only the latest trouble for company since Network Solutions acquisition

By Chris O'Brien
Mercury News

When VeriSign announced in March 2000 that it was buying domain name company Network Solutions for $21 billion, the e-commerce software company thought it was getting a cash cow that would cement its position as a leading force on the Internet.
But like many grand plans hatched at the height of the dot-com bubble, this one hasn't turned out as anticipated."

Well, this article makes it pretty clear as to why VeriSign tried to pull their latest Internet hijacking attempt: they're desperate for money. However, the article goes a little too far in trying to raise sympathy for the failing company. Or should I say that Stratton Sclavos, VeriSign's CEO goes a little too far. He says "`What you've got are some technical zealots who are biased against VeriSign,'' Sclavos said. ``How can we continue to make investments without making a return on them?''. Apparently, he feels that someone came along, held a gun to his head, and FORCED him to make this investment. If he doesn't think that they can continue to make investments, like the acquisition of Network Solutions, THEN DON'T DO IT. It's that simple. They had a fairly successful company that provided digital security certificates and that should have been left to itself. One might guess that Mr. Sclavos got greedy and thought that he had a scheme to climb into the big leagues, in business terms. Instead, his schemes have meant a growing tide of ruin for VeriSign and the generation of a whole raft of public ill-will. Why the company board and stockholders have put up with this is the real mystery, here.

Maybe they'll wake up one of these mornings and put things right.

Having personally experienced their customer depreciation attitude, I can see why the company is in trouble. I had a paid e-mail security certificate through them. I also had several non-paid trial certificates through them that were created to test out the service. I wanted to delete these expired trial ID's in order to clear the decks for further utilization of VeriSign certificates. That's when the fun began. On contacting their customer "service" department, I was informed that "the system won't let us delete old ID's". What? You can't control your own software??? And, folks, this is the outfit that wants to screw around with the running of the Internet...

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