Monday, October 13, 2003


Welcome to the Mercury News on Bayarea.com  

Welcome to the Mercury News on Bayarea.com: "Grove warns of software downfall
By Heather Fleming Phillips
Mercury News Washington Bureau

WASHINGTON - Intel Chairman and tech visionary Andy Grove sent a warning shot across the bow of the federal government Thursday.
The U.S. software industry is about to lose jobs and market share to foreign competitors unless the government acts quickly to fight protectionist trade policies and double U.S. productivity, he said.
``I'm here to be the skunk at your garden party,'' Grove began in his afternoon speech beamed via satellite to an otherwise rosy gathering of software executives in Washington."

Thank you, Mr. Grove, for saying something that I've been saying a LOT, lately. Off-shoring of American jobs (and the corporations that once preovided jobs) is reaching an epidemic stage. Once it was only scattered sectors, like the textile industry, that was sending jobs to Mexico. Now, it's whole sectors of the American economy. How many high-tech companies have shipped the entire load of tech support off-shore? It may be easier to count the ones who still have employees to whom English is a primary language.

It's serious. It's NOT going to stop unless we do something! Are you listening, Congress? It's almost Election Day...

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