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Tip: Slipstream Windows XP Service Pack 1  

Tip: Slipstream Windows XP Service Pack 1: "TIP FROM THE EDITORS:
Slipstream Windows XP Service Pack 1
By Loyd Case

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At ExtremeTech, we need to repeatedly install Windows. Unfortunately, we're still using an original Windows XP CD, which means we have to also install Service Pack 1 after every Windows install completes. After doing this about 10,000 times, we figured there had to be a better way.
One way, of course, would just be to buy a new copy of Windows XP. But for many users and small companies that need to occasionally reinstall, this is an unnecessary cost. After all, it's not like SP1 costs money, and it's a waste to buy another copy of XP just for the convenience.
Another way exists: create a Windows XP Service Pack 1 slipstream CD. Here's the summary of the process:
If you haven't already, download Service Pack 1. Extract the SP1 files to their own directory.
Copy all Windows XP files onto your hard drive, in a different directory of its own.
Extract the boot image from the Windows XP CD and copy it to the XP folder on your hard drive.
Copy the relevant Windows XP service pack 1 files into the folder where you copied the original Windows XP files.
Burn a CD with the XP CD boot image, and all the Windows XP files from the newly-updated folder.
The specific details for this procedure are at Windows Help.net. This web page has all the details for creating the SP1 slipstream CD. "

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