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Tech panel sees IT jobs returning to U.S. | CNET News.com  

Tech panel sees IT jobs returning to U.S. | CNET News.com: "Tech panel sees IT jobs returning to U.S.
Last modified: October 21, 2003, 7:20 PM PDT
By Alorie Gilbert
Staff Writer, CNET News.com

SAN FRANCISCO--The loss of U.S. jobs due to a shift of information technology work overseas maybe be painful for American workers now, but the discomfort is temporary, according to a panel of information technology executives gathered here Tuesday.

Executives from Borland Software, BearingPoint and Infosys, and an official from the U.S. Department of Commerce expressed confidence that U.S. companies will eventually reinvest money saved from farming out IT tasks to foreign workers and expand operations at home. That, in turn, will lead to American job growth down the road, the panelists agreed.

'We need to keep an eye on long-term growth and not take a short-term protectionist approach,' said Chris Israel, deputy assistant secretary for technology policy at the Commerce Department, explaining why the Bush administration opposes tariffs and other policies that would discourage the outsourcing trend.
And because the aging baby boomer generation is nearing retirement, the United States may be headed for another work-force shortage, said William Miller, professor emeritus at Stanford University and chairman of Borland. In the meantime, displaced IT workers should get training and be willing to relocate to find new jobs, he said.

'People have to be prepared to move,' Miller said. 'That will be one of the requirements of the work force in the future; people must be willing to move where the jobs are.'
Although the panelists defended the merits of offshore outsourcing, they acknowledged some problems. One is whether foreign companies and workers can be trusted with intellectual pro"

I don't usually blog the entire article, but I tought that this one wouldn't stand up to blurbing. It shows that the problem of off-shoring is worse than we thought. Notice that none of the displaced thousands of workers is represented here, only government and IT execs. It means that this is one more of a series of apologistic crap out of C/NET 'news'.com. The only thing that really makes it worth blogging is the clear indication that the Bush administration isn't about to do anything about the problem.

Remember this, Mr. Bush, when you're back in your cozy world of privileged private life- the unemployed among us really don't want to tear up our roots and move across the country just to chase jobs. It's a growing problem that I'll write more about later. In the meantime, we CAN'T AFFORD to take the "long view". We have to pay our bills NOW! Perhaps you can take the "long view" when you're out of office next year...

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