Saturday, October 04, 2003


Tapwave Zodiac 1 (32MB) - Handhelds - CNET Reviews  

Tapwave Zodiac 1 (32MB) - Handhelds - CNET Reviews: "Tapwave Zodiac 1 (32MB)

CNET First Take

By John P. Falcone
(October 1, 2003)

The Tapwave Zodiac 1 handheld is designed for maximum portable-gaming performance. The device is also a fully functional Palm OS PDA with strong multimedia features. It's scheduled to ship in late October.
Upside: The Zodiac has a high-resolution (480x320 pixels), 65,000-color landscape screen; an analog joystick; a 200MHz Motorola i.MX1 ARM9 processor; and Yamaha stereo speakers--specs that induce drooling in Game Boy users. Dual SDIO expansion slots, built-in Bluetooth, and a gaming-optimized version of Palm OS 5.2 make the Zodiac a formidable PDA and media player, as well. "

Given that this thing is no more expensive than the primary offerings from Dell (the Axim line), it could urn out to be VERY popular.

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