Thursday, October 09, 2003


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sunspot.net - plugged in: "Taking the digital hub to the next level
Apple could build its own Media Center PC, but should it?
By David Zeiler: The Mac Experience

Originally published Oct 9, 2003

The Mac Experience

Much of the consumer technology world was abuzz last week as Microsoft unveiled its Windows XP Media Center Edition 2004 software, a fancy name for a version of Windows that enables a computer to serve as both PC and digital entertainment center.Supposedly the Media Center PC represents the long-awaited 'convergence' of PC technology with such traditional home entertainment center components as the TV and stereo.

While not introducing new technologies, the Media Center PC's primary selling point is that it combines existing technologies in a more user-friendly -- and thus consumer-friendly -- way."

Wait a minute! I thought that was the whole selling point behind the Apple systems in the first place.

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