Wednesday, October 01, 2003


Stop Verisign DNS Abuse Petition  

Stop Verisign DNS Abuse Petition: "Stop Verisign DNS Abuse

16,753 signatures so far

We internet users, who either own domain names or have an interest in the domain name system, wish to object to the Verisign Sitefinder system. We believe that the system:

1. breaks technical standards, by rewriting the expected error codes to instead point to Verisign's pay-per-click web directory, and threatens the security and stability of the Internet;

2. breaks technical standards affecting email services, and other internet systems;

3. is anti-competitive, providing Verisign with 20 million eyeballs per day for 'free', while not paying for the domains they are resolving. All other market participants pay at least $6 per domain per year (wholesale);

4. violates trademark rights of domain holders, by typosquatting on their .com and .net domains; and

5. violates the authoritative nature of DNS, turning it instead into a 'best guess' system filled with uncertainty, thereby destroying the coherence of the DNS for Verisign's own short-term profit. "

There's more, but that covers the high points. I urge you all to click your way to the website and sign. For your own protection.

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