Wednesday, October 08, 2003


Steam age tech takes heat off chips | CNET News.com  

Steam age tech takes heat off chips | CNET News.com: "Steam age tech takes heat off chips
Last modified: October 8, 2003, 12:34 PM PDT
By Rupert Goodwins
Special to CNET News.com

One of the key discoveries in steam engine technology was that multiple small pipes in the boiler extracted heat far more efficiently than a single pipe.
Now, Mountain View, Calif.-based Cooligy is applying a similar idea to cooling high-performance chips, and a quadrupling in heat-shifting performance is promised.
Cooligy is aiming its Active Micro-Channel Cooling system squarely at the next generation of high-speed processors. The company claims that the system, announced Tuesday, gives a maximum heat-removal capacity of 1,000 watts per square centimeter, compared with the existing limit of about 250 watts for passive systems. "

Here's a 'hot' story :). Any advance in chip cooling is BIG news! Read the whole story, it's worth the time.

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