Wednesday, October 22, 2003


silicon.com - China lab checks Windows  

silicon.com - China lab checks Windows: "China lab checks Windows

September 26 2003

by CNET Asia staff

A lab to study the Microsoft Windows operating system source code was set up last week in Beijing, China.
Called the Source Code Browsing Lab, it is part of the existing government-run software site, the China Testing and Certification Center for Information Security Products, according a report in the People's Daily.
Microsoft is the first commercial software company that has signed an operating system source code browsing agreement with the Chinese government, said the report, hinting that the lab is also open to other commercial software companies who wish to have their products certified for security.
The report stressed the need for checking Windows source code for security loopholes, especially in the light of recent hacker attacks.
However, previous reports have said that the need to search for back doors installed by national intelligence agencies is also among the aims of the agreement."

Yes, I know that in today's politically correct world we don't even try to look at ulterior motives, but wouldn't this be a lovely opportunity for the Chinese to:

A) Educate themselves on how to (or NOT to, depending on your outlook) build a modern OS.


B) Take a good look, not only for backdoors, but to see where they could attack the OS themselves (given that Windows of one flavor or another runs large chunks of our government).

Good thing the Chinese aren't an agressive foreign power with a large population and shrinking resources!

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