Sunday, October 05, 2003


The Salt Lake Tribune -- From software to scrapbooks  

The Salt Lake Tribune -- From software to scrapbooks: "From software to scrapbooks

By Lisa Carricaburu

The $150 million acquisition of one of Utah's high-tech triumphs will have a decidedly low-tech beneficiary: the state's scrapbooking industry.
Some proceeds from the Sept. 23 sale of Orem-based PowerQuest Corp. to Symantec Corp. will help finance Utah County's QuicKuts.
As it turns out, the creative mind behind the hard-drive management software around which PowerQuest was built has shifted his attention to hardware.
Eric Ruff, who founded PowerQuest from home in 1993, now heads Orem-based QuicKuts, a maker of a handheld die-cutting tool used by scrapbookers to enhance page designs with images ranging from haunted houses to hamburgers. "

A little human-interest (you remember human, right?) sidelight on the recent 'demise' of PowerQuest...

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