Thursday, October 16, 2003


The Register  

The Register: "VeriSign's Site Finder is undead
By John Leyden
Posted: 16/10/2003 at 13:02 GMT

VeriSign is to relaunch Site Finder, its highly controversial domain typo redirection service.

VeriSign suspended Site Finder earlier this month, following an order from ICANN, the Net governing body, which claimed the company was in breach of its terms of operation.

Site Finder was launched in September when VeriSign applied a 'wildcard' entry into the .com and .net Top Level Domain zones. This redirects traffic that would otherwise have resulted in a 'no domain' response to the controversial search site.

In a meeting with members of an ICANN committee this week, VeriSign argued that technical concerns about the effect of the service on affecting the stability and operation of the Net were overstated.

VeriSign acknowledged that it introduced Site Finder without any consultation, saying that next time it will give 30-60 days notice. It also agreed to make certain changes. But the basic concept of Site Finder remains the same.

When VeriSign resurrects Site Finder, it plans to add a second DNS wildcard entry, called an MX wildcard, which will prevent email servers trying to send email to non-existent domains. It's also promised to offer local language variants of the site.

These measures cut little ice with critics who argue that VeriSign's changes are forcing other systems administrators to make changes to their systems. "

Well, things are going to heat up again. I gazed into my crystal ball this morning and I predict that this is going to cause so much ill will against VeriSign that they will either drop this nonsense as a bad idea or go out of business inside a year.

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