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President of Tucows in Response to SiteFinder  

President of Tucows in Response to SiteFinder: "President of Tucows in Response to SiteFinder
Sep 26, 2003
By Elliot Noss | Add+Read Comments

Stewardship...One who manages another's property, finances, or other affairs.

I have been thinking a lot about stewardship lately in my role as CEO of Tucows and how that relates to employees, a board of directors and investors. Where I've got to, which is not necessarily relevant for this post, is that stewardship needs to exist at EVERY level of a company and a life.

With the recent dustup created by Verisign's new Sitefinder service it has crystallized for me what has always bothered me about the .com/.net registry and the way Verisign has approached it. "

So begins a long and thoughtful article on the VeriSign attempted hijacking of the way the web operates by the man at the helm of Tucows (one of the prime shareware outlets on the web). It's rambling and full of off-site links, but if you spend some time with it, you'll have a complete understanding of just what VeriSign tried to do and how people feel about it.

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