Wednesday, October 22, 2003


PC Pro - Computing in the Real World  

PC Pro - Computing in the Real World

Microsoft squashes self-destructing email rumour
[PC Pro] 11:29

At the official London launch of Office 2003 last night, Microsoft was questioned about Mission Impossible-style disappearing email, reports of which have been circulating in the media.
Steven Sinofski, Senior VP of Microsoft Office Group, squashed the rumour. He told assembled hacks in London that the new Office suite did not support self-destructing emails.

Questioned about pre-launch stories, he said this was a misunderstanding of the Information Rights Management (IRM) within Office."

Well! We all know that there are third-party apps that DO provide time-sensitive e-mails, so I guess it made for a possibility. This is the first time that I can recall that such a story gained wide dispersal and reportage in important places. My source was a BBC story, an outfit not often known for screwing up.

Maybe it'll show up in SP-1? :)

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