Friday, October 31, 2003


Panther glitch erases some hard drives | CNET News.com  

Panther glitch erases some hard drives | CNET News.com: "Panther glitch erases some hard drives
Last modified: October 30, 2003, 4:23 PM PST
By Ina Fried
Staff Writer, CNET News.com

A problem is causing some of those who install the new version of Mac OS X to lose the data that's stored on their external hard drives.
Apple Computer said the glitch is limited to external hard drives that use a high-speed FireWire connection and a particular chipset Oxford Semiconductor manufactures. The company encouraged those who have a drive that uses the chip to disconnect their drives from Macs that are being upgraded to Mac OS X version 10.3, or Panther.
'Apple has identified an issue with external FireWire hard drives using the Oxford 922 bridge chipset with firmware version 1.02 that can result in the loss of data stored on the disk drive,' the company said in a statement provided to CNET News.com. 'Apple is working with Oxford Semiconductor and affected drive manufacturers to resolve this issue, which resides in the Oxford 922 chipset.'
An Oxford Semiconductor representative declined to comment. "

Oh NO!!! You don't mean to tell me that APPLE has produced buggy software, too???? ROFLMA! What will they put in their 'Switch' commercials? "You, too, can switch to Apple and have your hard drive wiped by an OS bug!"?

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