Saturday, October 25, 2003


An Open-Source Challenge to Messrs. Gates & Ballmer (LinuxWorld)  

An Open-Source Challenge to Messrs. Gates & Ballmer (LinuxWorld): "An Open-Source Challenge to Messrs. Gates & Ballmer
Linux developer challenges Bill & Steve to a software coding bake-out
October 25, 2003
From New Zealand, Wesley Parish issues a 'code bake-out' challenge to the top hierarchy of the world's largest software company. . .

By Wesley Parish

Messrs William H. Gates III & Steven Ballmer
Microsoft Corporation
One Microsoft Way
Washington, USA

Dear Sirs
I see you have been active again in making interesting - and to some degree highly amusing - statements about Free/Libre Open Source Software and the many and varied people who make up its community.
I in particular would like to thank Mr Ballmer for your entertaining expose of Linux's deepest, darkest secret - that it can seriously worry the senior executive of a convicted predatory monopoly, without that ever having been the intention of its principal software designer and initial developer.
I would also like to thank you for humming and hawing around the question of the release of source code to people who can use it, in the light of the new MVP source code entitlement program. Well, are they deserving members of the Windows development team or not?
In relation to your comments, Mr Ballmer, on Linux's 'road map,' I will refrain from expounding on Linus Torvalds' comment on the cover of one of Bill Gates' books, showing him standing in the middle of an empty road. It's not nice to make jokes like that, is it, Your Billness? Road kill is no joke, even if some enterprising chef has written a book about it.
No, I have something else on my mind, something much "

An interesting idea and a fun challenge. I doubt if anyone seriously expects Microsoft to take note of it, except in a negative way. They have too much invested in their products and their ideas and attitudes to make such a change in their m.o.

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