Wednesday, October 15, 2003


MSN Tech & Gadgets Live Support with Tech24.com  

MSN Tech & Gadgets Live Support with Tech24.com

This could easily be a great thing- it's 24/7 LIVE help for people who are having virus/worm attack problems. And, it's only $19.95.

If you're a victim, any help you can get, when you need it, is a big plus. Of course if it's knocked you permanently offline, this won't do you much good, but most virii these days don't go that far. After all, they want to use your net connection to spread themselves.

The service will allow a technician to do a remote assistance hookup to your system. That might be a small security worry, but if you've got a virus, you're already in much deeper trouble than that. The $20 cost seems reasonable for the kind of service you get.

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