Wednesday, October 15, 2003


Microsoft Tweaks Plus! Digital Media Edition  

Microsoft Tweaks Plus! Digital Media Edition: "October 15, 2003
Microsoft Tweaks Plus! Digital Media Edition
By Ryan Naraine

Looking to beef up sales of the popular Windows XP Plus! Digital Media Edition software, Microsoft (Quote, Chart) has released an upgrade that adds the ability to burn user-created photo stories to recordable CDs (CD-R).
The new version of Plus Digital Media Edition, which is a key part of Microsoft's plan to turn Windows XP into full-fledged digital entertainment system, adds significant tweaks to the popular Plus! Photo Story 2.
Plus! Photo Story lets users with digital cameras create and manage images as movie-type stories with a non-technical, drag-and-drop interface. The latest addition to the feature will allow photo stories to be saved and burned to video CDs for playback in most consumer DVD players. The video CD burning capability is being powered by technology from Sonic Solutions."

Well, the world needs more eye-candy, we all know that...

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