Friday, October 10, 2003


The Luxury All-Terrain Boondoggle  

The Luxury All-Terrain Boondoggle: "The Luxury All-Terrain Boondoggle

Published: October 10, 2003

Tax-bill writers in the Senate are trying to curtail a notorious 'business' write-off of tens of thousands of dollars on the cost of an oversized sports utility vehicle, a gilded loophole the affluent have been driving behemoth Hummers and Cadillacs and Lincolns through at taxpayers' expense.
It would probably astonish humbler motorists to know that the gas-guzzling roadrunners of excess that just blew past them on the Interstate are eased along the way by a law that was intended to help working farmers and other small-business owners afford light trucks. Under the tax law, this category was defined as vehicles weighing 6,000 pounds or more, and people who need such trucks for their work could write off all or part of the cost as a business expense"

What can I say? Just another case of taking home the Porkbarrel...

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