Wednesday, October 08, 2003


ITworld.com - Microsoft wins patent for IM feature  

ITworld.com - Microsoft wins patent for IM feature: "Microsoft wins patent for IM feature
IDG News Service 10/8/03

Scarlet Pruitt, IDG News Service, London Bureau
Microsoft Corp. has been awarded a patent for a feature in IM (instant messaging) that alerts a user when the person they are communicating with is inputting a message. The feature is present in IM services from both Yahoo Inc. and America Online Inc. (AOL)."

Well, well,well. Is Microsoft the next 'SCO'? Will we see them try to kick Yahoo and AOL, not to mention ICQ and others, out of the IM business? We;ll see. I know that they'd love to do it. But I doubt if we'd see mass carnage. It's more like they'd welcome the chance to one-up the others and gather even more cash for the big push to Longhorn. People who aren't all that computer literate may not understand what a huge effort Longhorn has to be for Microsoft. Especially if they can make it what is called 'virgin code'. That means code that doesn't have any contamination by code from any other product. I'll do a real wrap-up article on what we know and what we guess about Longhorn after the MS PD Conference at the end of the month. That's when they'll open the Longhorn center at MSDN and I'll get a look at the big picture then.

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