Friday, October 03, 2003



iTNews: "Microsoft Linux chief urges channel to resist

By Paula Rooney, CRN
Friday, October 03, 2003


Microsoft's chief Linux strategist, Martin Taylor, advised the company's partners not to be seduced by the higher-margin service opportunities offered by commercial Linux platforms because they won't last.
Faced with the impending launch by Red Hat and SuSE of major upgrades to their distributions in October -- and their increasingly avid efforts to entice channel partners -- Taylor came out swinging during a meeting with CRN and sister publication VARBusiness at Microsoft headquarters in the US. "

As if their recent deal with Phoenix wasn't bad enough, now we can see what's on Microsoft's mind in more concrete terms. What grinds MY beans is the mention, further down in the article, that dear old Microsoft is selling the Windows OS for as little as $2.50 in some nations. Now you know what their OS is really worth :).

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