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CRN : Daily Archives : Microsoft 'Project Green' Now Aligned With Longhorn : 12:55 PM EST Fri., Oct. 03, 2003  

CRN : Daily Archives : Microsoft 'Project Green' Now Aligned With Longhorn : 12:55 PM EST Fri., Oct. 03, 2003: "Microsoft 'Project Green' Now Aligned With Longhorn

By Barbara Darrow, CRN

12:55 PM EST Fri., Oct. 03, 2003
Microsoft's ambitious next-generation business applications are now due out in the 'Longhorn' time frame, according to a top Microsoft executive.
The upcoming product line, dubbed Project Green, will be built on what Microsoft Senior Vice President Doug Burgum calls a new 'global' code base.
Atop that foundation will come functionality now found in Microsoft Business Solutions' Great Plains, Navision, and Solomon business applications, the company has said. (See related story.) "

Interesting. It really looks like Microsoft has got tired of supporting 'business as usual' software and is going for the fresh start approach. I can't say that I don't like the idea. Windows, and a lot of the software that runs under it, has a 20-year load of baggage behind it. The urge to start over and do things right (read: with security, functionality, and stability as the three top items on the list) must be just about overpowering. I'm thinking that the huge daily grind of trying to keep Windows in general from falling apart is getting so big that Microsoft is now willing to do what we all thought would never happen: start over from the ground up. Looking at the job they've set themselves, it wouldn't be a killer of a shock to find the expected second to third quarter 2005 release date slipping into first quarter 2006, but they are hard at work and that's a good sign. They're currently well past build 4000 of Longhorn. Based on my personal experiece of Microsoft software, it means that they actually started development in early 2002. I wish them luck. They'll need it.

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