Thursday, October 02, 2003


China's Leader Calls for 'Democratic' Changes  

China's Leader Calls for 'Democratic' Changes: "China's Leader Calls for 'Democratic' Changes

Published: October 2, 2003

EIJING, Oct. 1 — President Hu Jintao has made a vague but insistent call for more democracy in China on the eve of the country's National Day holiday, raising expectations that he may support introducing greater pluralism in the one-party state.
In an address to the governing Politburo delivered Tuesday and released by China's official news service on Wednesday, Mr. Hu said the Communist Party must undertake a 'sweeping systemic project' to increase public participation in government and enforce the rule of law. He repeatedly emphasized the need for democracy."

Let's see. I read this article, with it's reference to lessening the gap between rich and poor, to mean that the Chinese government has seen their control over the basic population eroding due to capitalism and their power base eroding over the way the populace has been able to see democracy working in other countries. To give them credit, they are trying to ease into the cold water of a new day, rather than just holding their noses and jumping in. I wish them luck. The surest sign that their "Communist" government is showing cracks is in the phrase "gap between rich and poor". In a communist form of government, there IS NO SUCH THING AS RICH AND POOR. That's the whole basis of communism.

Well, it's not like there has ever been a real communist society on a large scale. Still and all, it's interesting.

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