Tuesday, October 14, 2003


Ars Technica: Longhorn pushed back to 2006  

Ars Technica: Longhorn pushed back to 2006: "Longhorn pushed back to 2006
Posted 10/13/2003 @ 7:39 PM, by Eric Bangeman

At last week's Microsoft's Worldwide Partner Conference, Longhorn was described by Microsoft executives as being 'three years away.' Originally slated for a 2004 release, and then pushed back to 2005, a bit of simple math tells us that Longhorn won't be ready until 2006. What does this mean for Microsoft?
[T]here will be no Visual Studio tools release for two years after 'Whidbey' (which Microsoft is still insisting will be a late 2004 product). No Office 12 until 2006. And Longhorn Server – which was expected, until this week, in 2006 – is now, more likely than not a 2007 product (given that it was set to lag the client release by a year).
While enthusiasts will continue chomping at the bit for the Next Big Thing from Microsoft, the enterprise will likely breathe a sigh of relief at not having to worry about a major OS revision for at least three years. On the other hand, Microsoft has pimped a number of Longhorn technologies such as the Next-Generation Secure Computing Base and self-repairing systems that will either have to wait until Longhorn's release or be rolled out incrementally into Windows XP."

IS this the end of hope for a 2005 RTM on Longhorn? I'll let you know in about 2 years...

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