Thursday, September 11, 2003


Senate Democrats Block New Rules on Overtime  

Senate Democrats Block New Rules on Overtime: "Senate Democrats Block New Rules on Overtime

WASHINGTON, Sept. 10 — President Bush's plan to change the definition of who is eligible for overtime pay ran into a serious roadblock on Capitol Hill today, as the Senate, in a rare Democratic victory, voted to block the White House from issuing the new rules.
Six Republicans joined with 48 Democrats to oppose the White House plan, which critics say would strip as many as eight million workers of their right to overtime. The 54-to-45 vote was a rebuke to the administration, which contends that the rules, strongly supported by the business community, would update an outmoded labor law and make more people eligible for overtime.
The matter is far from settled. The measure the Senate passed was an amendment to a much larger spending bill that covers programs for health, labor and education, including money for student loans and medical research. When the House considered the same bill in July, it voted, by a narrow margin, to clear the way for the new overtime rules."

Yay Democrats! Go! Go! Go!

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