Thursday, September 11, 2003


RFID Privacy Happenings  

RFID Privacy Happenings: "September 10, 2003
Big Brother in your holster

Two pro-gun-rights websites recently had postings on RFID and thoughts of using it to either tag guns or ammunition. On packing.org, a group of web posters ask whether or not the chips could be used to tag ammunition, while on the website Jews For the Preservation of Firearms Ownership, Inc., (I am not making this up), there is an interesting article called Big Brother In Your Holster, which quotes Katherine Albrecht's comments about the launch of the EPC, then goes on to say: RFID and Firearms: Every Bullet Will Have Your Name on It!
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September 09, 2003
Malaysia buys a stake in RFID
ZDNet brings us this report:
The Malaysian government has bought the rights to tiny chips that can embed IDs into currency notes, bullets, passports and even inside human bodies, reported Malaysian daily The Star.
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The first item sounds like a good idea to me, EXCEPT that if a crook steals your ammo and uses it to commit a crime, then guess who gets hauled into the slammer? RFID used in this way obviously needs more work. Some element of ID decay needs doing.

The second item raises the spectre of the Nazis branding people at the death camps.

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