Friday, September 26, 2003


How to Trim the Spam from Your E-Mail Diet  

How to Trim the Spam from Your E-Mail Diet: "How to Trim the 'Spam' from Your E-Mail Diet
Tips for Reducing and Managing Junk E-Mail
March 20, 2003
Unsolicited commercial e-mail, commonly called 'spam' or junk e-mail, not only clutters our inboxes, but can also invade our lives with unwanted messages that may even deceive or disgust us. It's bad enough that spam wastes our bandwidth at the office. Even worse is knowing that junk e-mail may target our kids, grandchildren, and elderly relatives in their homes. The flow of unsolicited commercial e-mail can be slowed with advanced filtering and other new technology, but curbing spam also requires the combined action of computer users, industries, and government."

Gee! Imagine how much spam Microsoft, itself, gets on a daily basis :).

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