Thursday, September 04, 2003


Former server exec gets new role at HP | CNET News.com  

Former server exec gets new role at HP | CNET News.com: "The company is also seeking to return to profits--a year after completing its merger with Compaq. Although widely praised for its early integration efforts, HP has come under fire after missing sales and earnings expectations last month. The company briefly returned its PC unit to profitability and had narrowed the loss in its high-end computing group, but both businesses posted hefty losses last quarter.
In response, HP has cut more jobs, particularly in the unit that sells servers, software and storage, and has said it will reach its goal of returning that unit to profitability this quarter. On the PC side, HP said it was hurt by reducing prices too much. Even with the lower prices, Dell grew market share at a faster clip."

Can you say "Gee...you don't think it might be due to quality issues and support, do ya?"

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