Monday, September 22, 2003


Call Centers Struggle in Face of Do-Not-Call Rules  

Call Centers Struggle in Face of Do-Not-Call Rules: " Call Centers Struggle in Face of Do-Not-Call Rules

Jeff Topping for The New York Times
Synergy Solutions, a telemarketing company in Phoenix, is putting more emphasis on generating revenue from sources other than outbound calls.


Phoenix, Sept. 16 — The largest telemarketers are desperately searching for a Plan B, now that Plan A — stopping the federal government from establishing a national do-not-call registry — has failed."

In light of the aggravation that telemarketers have caused, it's hard to feel any great anguish over their imminent demise. We have to spare a little concern over their soon-to-be-former employees, but the telemarketers, themselves, will have a hard time pleading any kind of case before the public. In fact, I can't find anyone who is losing any sleep over the matter. Of course we're now dealing with the Internet version of telemarketing, known as SPAM. Maybe what we need is for advertisers to have specific permission to send us ads. Maybe a kind of Do Not Spam list is the tool we need. Just register your e-mail address(es) and spammers are shut out.

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