Monday, September 01, 2003


Business as usual...  

"As everyone knows, ActiveX controls and the <'OBJECT'> tag has been a big source of security holes in Internet Explorer. However, it looks like support for ActiveX controls is going to be removed from Internet Explorer. A small company called Eolas recently won a $521 million judgment against Microsoft for patent infringement. The Eolas patent covers plugins in Web pages to show multimedia content. "

My comment? Bull. Microsoft will do what it has ALWAYS done in cases like this- they'll negotiate a settlement that either includes the small company licensing its technology to them OR, Microsoft will simply BUY the smaller company (as it did with Stacker) and the small fish will disappear.

Net result? Nothing. Microsoftwill go on about its business as it always has.

Blogged from a message thread at www.securityfocus.com
By Richard M. Smith

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