Tuesday, September 23, 2003


Advanced Micro Devices to Introduce 64-Bit Chip  

Advanced Micro Devices to Introduce 64-Bit Chip: "warfed by a dominant rival and losing money at an alarming rate, Advanced Micro Devices plans to take another step in its strategy to outmaneuver Intel by introducing the Athlon 64-bit microprocessor tomorrow.
Long a copycat producer of Intel-compatible chips, Advanced Micro, analysts say, has the opportunity to gain ground on Intel in the coming shift toward 64-bit technology in mainstream computing."

I think the article, as a whole, has a decidedly anti-AMD tone. It's not justified. I've used AMD chips for over ten years and I have NEVER had a stability problem that couldn't be tracked down to motherboard problems.

AMD builds solid products at more customer-friendly price points than Intel and the new Athlon-64 should provide desktop users with a real boost over Intel's current P4 line, especially when teamed with Windows XP64. Just the kind of thing that will make Longhorn real fun :).

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