Tuesday, September 09, 2003


261 Lawsuits Filed on Internet Music Sharing  

261 Lawsuits Filed on Internet Music Sharing: "261 Lawsuits Filed on Internet Music Sharing

he recording industry filed 261 lawsuits yesterday against people who share copyrighted music over the Internet, charging them with copyright infringement in the first broad legal action aimed at ordinary users of file-sharing networks."

Well, the war has begun. Typically, for a war, it started with a blodbath. One has to wonder what the artists feel about the situation. The liklihood that artists will find this of any benefit is highly improbable. Of course it's also highly unlikely that the artists have any say in the matter. They're much more hte victims than any record company.

On the RIAA side, they have to feel that they're losing money hand over fist. That, to me, seems like the MOST improbable situation to begin with. They take their profits and whatever may be left over will be given to the artists (or at least a percentage of it). They have to feel like it's the last alternative, because they face the possibility of major retaliation by their customer base. A boycott of the companies who form the RIAA would leave them as little more than corpses.

Bottom line is that the RIAA is desparate, which seldom makes people do sensible things. They'll suffer much more than consumers. If only they had tried other things. Like maybe lowering the price of CD's to around $8.98 a piece? I'm sure that people are willing to pay a resonable price for a CD, just not the monopoly prices that the greedy RIAA has demanded for years.

It's payback time...

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