Wednesday, August 20, 2003


Thoughts on a day too hot to play outside  

I'm sitting here thinking. And listening.

Listening and thinking.

Listening to an album recorded 8 years ago. It's an album by Peter, Paul, and Mary (who I know, but that's another story) with songs that seem just as imprtant today as they did in the 60's, when the music that we listened to was a kind of thread connecting us all. It was a thread stronger than the strongest steel and it kindled a fire in us that burns as hot as it ever did, in some of us. That may be the defining quality to come from that turbulent time of public and private strife. That quality that says 'The thing that made the Bible's teaching important is still alive, even after 2000 years or more'. It's the thing that makes the "authenticity" of the Bible irrelevant. The truth comes through much stronger than any difference in language. Or religion. The ideas that call to us so strongly after all that time aren't confined within the pages of a particular book or the edges of some scroll taken from a sandy cave. Those ideas can't be legislated into or out of our hearts and minds or souls. I guess you have to be born with that kind of fire. Feed it and hope it never dies.

An old hippie simply hopes that the power of the music and the words hasn't died with so many of our dreams. Or so many of us. The best gift we can give those who follow is a little piece of that fire.
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