Friday, August 29, 2003


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Pocket PC Thoughts - News, Views, Rants & Raves: "

This seems like a fun way for Intel to help raise awareness about their Centrino technology and to get people interested in using public WiFi hotspots. In addition to the food, games, etc., Intel will be providing free wireless downloads of content like music, videos, e-magazines, games, and software. You don't have to visit the special events in New York, San Francisco, Chicago and Seattle in order to participate in the free access.

To find out more about the specific activities taking place, look here.
To locate participating hotspots near you, take a look here."

Well. Apparently, SOMEone has a clue about how to do things. I never said Intel was stupid. They wouldn't be where they are if they were. I don't always like their attitudes, always seeming too much like the Microsoft of hardware, to me. Or is Microsoft the Intel of software?

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